Office Setup Product Key

Office Setup Product key - Product key

Office Setup product key is a key-code used to activate the office setup or software on your device. The office is a Microsoft office that provides Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, etc. Microsoft designed the office for the sake of business and the entire work. The office provides single as well as multipurpose level platforms.

The business workers do the work in no time with the help of the office. Microsoft works since 1988 and still the world's number one or most used system and is present in every device or operating system. The office setup using product key is a great help for business workers or employers. Recently Microsoft has developed cloud-based storage.

Various office tools are used and the presentation is prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint. The calculations and graphics are predicted in Microsoft Excel. Tables are being converted and banners are also being prepared and designed in Microsoft word.

What is the Office Setup product key?

The key or product key of the office is 25 digits. It is only used to activate the new office package. One can also call it a product license key-code. Ex. UTHGB-7VDGH-8DETI-DTGV6-4FDFG.

The key is in the above form. You can use the key only for one single subscription. Keep it only with you safe so that only you can use it.

Where to use the office product key?

The 25 digit product key is used when the new office software is updated or installed. Even you can the product key when you are creating an account on Microsoft office.

Method 1:- Open any one of the Microsoft Office Excel or any other. Then go into the settings of the office. Then click on the My Accounts option. There the account information is provided. Then besides that, you will notice the License product key-code option. There you will see the old license key-code. Then below that, you will see the update option. Now erase the old product key and enter the new product key code. Then below that click on the update option. You will get a message of successful activation of the office by entering the new product key.

Method 2:- Now open the Microsoft office present on the Microsoft Office Setup product key folder. Then you will see the buy now option, click on the buy now option there. Then Buy any of the plans you want to install. Now select the plan and add your card details and proceed with the payment. Then you will receive the product key code at the email address you, ha e provided. Then enter that product key-code after the installation of office software on your device. The activation of the office completes.

Account on Microsoft

Now open the browser of your PC or any other device. Then enter the link and click on the enter button. Now select the official page of the Office Setup product key from the list of links. Then the official page will appear.

Then you will see the sign-in option there. Sign in with the account you already have. If you don't have an account on Microsoft office then; Then besides the sign-in option, you will see create one option.

Click on create one option. Then on the next page enter your first name, last name, email address, create a password, and submit the form. You will have to go for the puzzle-solving for verification of the account.

When you solve the puzzle then you will receive a mail of successful Account creation.

Download and Install the office setup with product key:-

1. Firstly open the official website of the office on the browser of the device.

2. Then sign in with your office account on that website.

3. Now you will notice the install office option there in the blue tab.

4. Then click on it, the downloading will begin. Now go into downloads and double click on the downloaded setup.

Then run the setup. After that click on the Yes option.

6. Then that click on the Install option. Wait for a while, to Install the Office Setup product key software.